Global Bio-Sciences Services

Global Bio-Sciences is committed to solutions that make hygiene both hassle-free and economical to use and implement. Our specialist approach towards product quality is a result of our global experience that brings the best practices above mere product manufacturing. The manufacturing facility features the best and latest technologies to monitor quality of the output. This also helps us to continuously design newer products to effectively administer hygiene as a practice that adds on to healthcare organizations’ core attributes of safety and reliability.

Every aspect of our products is designed to empower professionals and personnel’s to effortlessly maximize on their investments into hygiene interventions while still adhering to infection prevention guidelines. We work closely with organizations to imbibe early adoption of best practices among their stakeholders. Having said that, our products are designed for improved adoption safe application and disposal with lowest possible strain on environment and the user.

Quality Assurance

Admittedly, infection control is the priority for every organisation, specifically in the healthcare, pharmaceutical and hospitality sectors where professionals and personnel’s come in direct contact with infection every hour. Hygiene is the top checklist item to invest in and to partner with the right specialist. In fact, every hospital management professional considers HAI to be addressed as the first priority so that effective healthcare is administered. More so, because hygiene cannot be left to guesswork, and hence, conscious measures have to be institutionalized by way of right interventions and specialty solutions.

Quality Educations

We believe in India most of people who involve and play key role in Infection control and sanitation and was not well aware about the subject and not train in as per the guidelines of Infection control. We at Global Bio-Sciences encourage and train Nursing staff, Paramedical staffs and the house keeping staffs. We provide comprehensive training to all the Institutional staff involves directly or indirectly with Hospital Infection Prevention program of Hospital.